Sunday, March 29, 2009

Little Miss Kennedy!

Perfection. I need to think of another adjective to describe this newborn and her big sister as I've been overusing it. It's just that nothing seems as fitting as that word in this case. perfection.

Sweet sibling moments captured

The sweetest memories of bringing a second child into your life seems to be the moments spent with the older child. A little kiss, trying to help feed or diaper. It's the small gestures that make you love being a parent and make your heart swell with pride.

I got to capture this for 2 newborns this week and that makes me feel blessed for being allowed to capture those moments.

Baby Rohan and his big sis in all his pure perfection!

Bump in bloom

I love beautiful bellies! This gal is pregnant with her second child and looks amazing! I can't wait to meet her son and I know they are anxious as well.

Baby Gavin

Everyone say it together..."awwwwww!" I love the perfection of newborns. Each one so different yet so perfect. Tiny toes and tiny fingers make for some special memories on camera!

Little Miss Katelyn

What a perfect start to my blog! This cutie was about 6.5 months when I took her pictures and was absolutely mesmerized by the park scenery. She was so animated I seem to have captured a different look in almost every picture.